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Make money spring cleaning this season.

Last updated: 10/04/2024, 14:54

Make money spring cleaning this season.

Spring time is Here...

Spring is a time for renewal, for opening the windows and letting in the fresh air. For new growth and clearing out the corners. For packing away the hooded blankets and picking the carefree outfits. For finally deciding where to store the Christmas clutter and thinking of all the opportunities the year can bring. It is also a time to spring clean and make money.

Embrace the Decluttering Mindset...

While the thought of decluttering may seem daunting, there's a silver lining to clearing out your closets and tidying up your home. Believe it or not, hidden among your unwanted items lie potential money-making opportunities waiting to be discovered.

In this fast paced world its often easy to forget the value our items can be worth! That new gaming setup with the rgb lights and anti-ghosting keys doesn’t stop the old keyboard from being valuable. The board games you have enjoyed with your family and friends can still be enjoyed by others and the clothes that the kids have grown out of to quickly and still have there tags can all be a great buy for someone else. And a money making opportunity for you.

Why Choose Us?

With jog it on, the online marketplace that matches sellers with eager buyers, you can turn your spring cleaning into a profitable venture all while contributing to a circular economy in which we all benefit from caring for the future.

Check out some of the great advantages of selling with jog it on.

•Integrated AI aided listing feature helps you to streamline the listing process and find the words to create the best listings possible as fast as possible.

•Competitive buyers and sellers fees means weather you are listing or bidding.

•At jog it on we cover all categories, from sofas to jewellery and everything in between so there’s no more need for multiple accounts, saving you time.

•With both local collections and postage throughout the UK we help connect buyers and sellers with ease.

•With our community driven initiatives and bi-monthly giveaways through our partnership with E.G.G (Engage, Grow, Go) just taking part serves the wider community.

So why not earn some money, pass on some savings and set up an account with jog it on today! Its simple, free to register and will open up lots of buying and selling opportunities this spring.